Growing up, I always dreamt of having a life filled with art, adventures and love. For several years, I was comfortable in what seemed safe and secure. I secretly hoped for a future outside of a 9-5 job but wasn’t sure if it would ever come true, until I followed my heart and let myself dream. Thanks to my best friend and husband, who gifted me with my first professional camera, I was able to start my adventures. That moment when I held the camera in my hand, I started tearing up because I knew my dreams were about to come true. With little experience and barely any training, I started pouring my heart and soul into this art.

Over the past 12 years of photographing over 350 weddings, I have learned that beauty is all around us. It’s the little details, the natural moments, and the love in this world that inspires me on a daily basis and what I hope to give to you with beautiful images.



My goal is to discover and highlight the beauty of this world, to capture love and the human spirit in the simplest and the most organic way and to preserve these memories so that your future generation can experience your love story and feel the same pride and love I felt when looking at my grandmother’s photographs. 

Photography is a true investment and I know it can be overwhelming trying to find your dream photographer who can truly capture these big milestones in your life. Not only do I want to surprise you with beautiful images, but also ensure that you have the time of your life by giving you peace of mind and bringing a positive vibe to your big day. 

With 8 years of experience, I am a huge planner at heart and truly believe that when you're organized and prepared in advance, nothing can shake you off your feet, allowing you to bring calmness to your surroundings and make the experience fun for everyone. 

I am truly honored that you are considering me for your wedding day and I'm very excited to hear all about your dreams for the big day. 


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8 Hours Wedding Coverage by Two Photographers
Engagement Session (1Hr)
Approx. 800 Wedding Photos
Professional Retouching
Online Gallery with Instant Download Of All Images

Destination Weddings will receive a custom quote to fully accompany your needs. 

Please inquire for elopement packages and smaller weddings.

Portrait and Family Sessions begin at $350. 


Growing up, my grandma’s living room wall was covered in pictures of her family. Every time we would go to my grandmother’s house, we would spent time looking at these photographs, laughing while remembering some special moment, and telling each other family stories. As a child these photographs fascinated me and I felt sense of pride knowing who my ancestors were. I realized how much these images meant to my grandmother and I thought

to myself what if she didn't havethose pictures of her parents and grandparents. What if the memories faded away, the faces disappeared, and there was nothing to help recall the love and emotions of past times? It was a saddening idea and I wouldn’t want that for anyone. And this is why I do what I do. I want you to be able to look back years from now and relive the moments, the feelings, and the joy over and over again and as often as you wish. 


- I'm from Germany and my parents make wine for living there
- I moved to the U.S. for college and graduated from the University of Tampa
- I looove to travel and have visited nearly 30 countries
- I'm obsessed with my baby girl & Goldendoodle
- I’m 5’11’’ which gives me a great advantage in photography
- German chocolate always makes me happy

Fun Facts