Nineeve & Scott Engagement Session ~ Joshua Tree National Park

I’ve always wanted to photograph at Joshua Tree and what better time to do it than for Scott + Nineeve’s Engagement session. Driving into the park is itself an incredible experience and you will never want to leave once you set foot into it.

As we were getting ready to start taking photos at our first spot, a young man of about 80 years walked up to us and asked if we wanted to use his car in a few shots. He said he had bought this beauty when he was dating his wife and he figured he’d take it out once in a while to show it off to people. He was such a sweetheart and unfortunately his wife has since passed away. But as we were leaving, he gave the couple some beautiful advice. He said “Never go to bed angry at each other and you will wake up happy every day.”

I really wish I remembered to get his address because I would’ve loved to send him a print of one of the images as a Thank You!