A Trip to Lovely Savannah, GA


Last Christmas we decided to take a trip to Savannah, GA. I’ve heard so many wonderful things about this historic town and saw that it was a photographer’s heaven. And believe me when I say that the images don’t even do it justice. This place is simply magical and transports you into another world.

We decided to start our day by taking a guided trolley tour which made several stops and allowed you to hop on and off whenever you pleased. While on the trolley, we got an insight into the history of this gorgeous place thanks to the tour guides and actors (Yep! Actors who dressed up like the old times and played some of the folks that used to live in this town, including a drunk pirate who tormented this town back in the day).

After we got a lot of the history we walked along the tour route, mainly so I could make my husband stop every 10 feet to take some pretty photos.

One the second evening, we had dinner at the The Olde Pink House and the food was beyond our expectations. I would highly recommend you make a reservation for this place several weeks before your trip. Tables were booked out more than a week out so we ended up eating in the Tavern below the restaurant. The food is prepared by the same kitchen and it had a cozy atmosphere with leather chairs and sofas to enjoy your food in. Be prepared to arrive a little before 5pm if you want to get a seat right away. Even the Tavern filled up within 15 minutes and the wait was soon two hours.

While we were touring the Olde Pink House before dinner, we got to read a little fun story about the color of this residence. When the home was under construction, it was build with red brick that was covered in white plaster. Maybe the plaster job wasn’t done right or the red brick weren’t of high quality, but the home started turning a shade of pink as the red brick bled through the plaster. Afraid of being the joke of the town, the owner kept painting the home white over and over again but the pink shade always came back. Over the years, many other owners tried the same with no avail. Eventually in the 1920s the mansion was bought by a woman who opened a tea room inside and decided to keep the home’s pink color. Since then the color has become the trademark of the mansion.

And maybe homes like this will convince my hubby that it is okay to have a pale pink front door at our house. 😉

We then made our way to the Historic Waterfront and had some of the best caramel fudge EVER!! I’m usually not a big fan of things that are super sweet but they knew how to make good fudge.

A little later we ended up at Treylor Park. From the outside you wouldn’t necessarily think that this is a place to go for a extraordinary meal, but wow–I would eat there every day if I could. My husband ordered the potpie and I got the Waffle Fries Nachos (yes, nachos with waffle fries instead of chips). It sounds pretty over the top but once in a while it’s good to splurge and enjoy something you don’t get to eat every day. It’s called a vacation for a reason. 😉

As you can probably tell by now, I’m obsessed with good food. And I really have to say that I’ve had some of the best food in my life while visiting Savannah and that alone makes me want to go back.

One our way back from Savannah, we stopped at Jekyll Island to meet up with a friend. If any of you want to get married at this place below, it’s available for weddings. There are several homes on the island right across the street from this home which are often used for bride and groom prep. Right where I was standing were a few beautiful, mossy oak trees and a few of the ocean. If I got married again, I would seriously look into this place. But for now, I’m going to convince my family to do our next family reunion there. 😉