Abbey & Jacob’s Engagement Session ~ Winter Park, FL

A few weeks ago I ventured off to Winter Park to photograph Abbey & Jacob’s engagement session in Winter Park. Little did I know that Kraft Azalea Park was going to be overcrowded with High School graduates who were going to Prom that evening. If you have ever been to this park, you know if isn’t very big at all and there is only a limited number of spots to photograph in. Well, now imagine 200 High School graduates with their parents and photographers all in the same spot. Not gonna lie but I was a little bit nervous about starting the shoot and most likely would’ve rescheduled if I had known about it. So I planned all my spots out carefully before Abbey and Jacob arrived and knew I had to somehow make it work. Most of my plan definitely went out the window as people kept migrating into the spots I was going to use next. But as you can see we made it work (yay!) and with the help of Photoshop, you won’t be able to spot a single person in any of the photos.

I absolutely can’t wait for their wedding in Orlando this coming spring because these two are just the cutest with the most positive attitude ever.