Jennifer & Ruben’s Portrait Session ~ Schloss Ludwigsburg, Germany

The best thing about European and having family who lives in Europe is being able to photograph in gorgeous places like this. Schloss Ludwigsburg (the castle below) is about 10 minutes from my childhood home and I can’t even believe how I took it for granted all of those years growing up. Now that I have been in the U.S. for 10 years, I really start missing the beautiful architecture and art that surrounded me all my life.

It’s just so amazing to me to think these gorgeous buildings were created hundreds of years ago without having the proper tools and machinery to make the job easy. The ceiling for example was painted by hand and took about a year to paint. I just find that fascinating.

As a Florida wedding photographer it is also nice to be able to change the scenery for wedding portraits from time to time. And I am so lucky these two gave me this opportunity. A huge shout out to Die Kathe for the stunning bouquet and for the Bridal Boutique Baden-Baden for the stunning gown!