Tayshia & James’ Wedding ~ Clearwater Beach, FL

I’m so incredibly honored and happy that Tayshia and james asked me to be part of their intimate destination wedding last month. It was such a special time and I absolutely fell in love with their little family. The wedding took place on Clearwater Beach with some simple, yet stunning tropical decor. During the ceremony James gave their daughter, Aliyah a necklace with his promise to stand by her side for ever and always, which made not only him tear up but everyone present.

The ceremony was followed by a Blessing Stone Ceremony where each guest was handed a little rock and on the count of three everyone tossed the rock into the ocean blessing their marriage and wishing them all the best. The idea is that the ripples that are made in the water represent the love and good wishes not only for this couple but for the world. The ripples cross and recross one another and so do the love and good wishes touch and retouch all those around us. I just love how Tayshia and James incorporated so many special traditions! It showed who they are and how grateful they are to be together and have their family with them on this special day! And I got to witness it all—eek!! (HMU by Femme Akoi, Flowers by Marigold Flower Company, Photo by me for K&K Photography)